Getting a Water Pump

Few item that needed to take note before considering getting a water pump for your premises or property. You may need to familiarize with the below few key point before making decision to get with pump that most suitable for your premises or property.

  • What is the reason for having the water pump (Eg: Pressure problem, water supply small & etc)
  • How many location that you will need to supply (Eg: 3 Bathroom)
  • Diameter of the pipe that supplying water (Eg: ½ inch, ¾ inch & 1 inch)
  • Do you need a new by-pass pipe if the current pipe is too old & not conducive for the pump.
  • Whether the water supply has sufficient water (Eg: Dripping, Slow Flow & etc)
  • Do you required water tank (Eg: Source of water low)

With the information above prepared is easier for us to provide a direct solution. If you still not able to unidentified the above, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.