About Us

Who We Are

IWPump was founded by Mr Ben Teh, he has been in the industry and having experience for over 30 years for various pumping solution. With a vision to be pumping solution specialist and helping customer to solve their problem with excellent sales & after sales service together with reasonable price. With the pumping solution that has been enjoyed by many customers, IWPump continuously to strive by provide a higher level of professional from addressing the situation, picking the correct pump, installation and after sales service. That why we have been recognize by our customer, IWPump is the most reliable and trusted when comes to pumping solution. IWPump able to addressing wide range pumping situation with four key area that specialize by us.

  • House Pump Solution
  • Fountain & Pond Solution
  • Swimming Pool Solution
  • Water Harvesting Solution

HQ (Kepong)

New Branch (Kepong Main Road)