Pump Installation

Normal & Wrong Installation

The most important part after selecting the correct pump for your property or premises, it will come into installation. With the wrong installation practice will not spoil the pump; it will cause other complication that spread to your property or premises. To the technicians will want to have an easy way out but forgotten the consequence that will implicate with the wrong way of installing the pump. Below are some images of normal installation.

Normal Installation

​Wrong Installation

Professional Installation

With correct way of installing pump will not only make your pump last longer but also will reduce wear and tear of the pump. Proper installation will help to reduce of workmanship when come to maintenance period cause it valve and coupling in place to lessen the handling of the pipe. Here are the some of the part that will be required on a proper installation.

  • Ball Valve
  • Check Valve
  • Flexible Coupling
  • By pass pipe
  • Vibration rubber padding on the pump
  • Not Included Wiring Point

Below are some images of proper installation

Water Pump proper installation

Membrane Filter


Sand Filter